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  • Professionals or organizations providing IEP assistance, transition planning, tutoring or other educational services that supplement existing educational programming.

  • Service dogs and other services or support related to adaptive equipment to assist with daily living, mobility, communication, computer access, or home and workplace modifications.

  • Autism Canada’s Provincial and Territorial Council members and their branches/chapters offer a variety of services, supports and information locally and regionally.

  • Agencies or professionals offering behaviour therapies i.e.: ABA, IBI, EIBI, PRT, Floortime, RDI, TEACCH.

  • Summer camps, after school, weekend activities and social skills programs for children and adults with autism.

  • Programs focused on independent or supported living that assist adults to live in their community.

  • Agencies or professionals that provide support services to people with disabilities who are in crisis or who are victims of crime.

  • Dentists that serve children and/or adults with autism.

  • University, clinical, hospital or professional providing diagnostic evaluations for ASD.

  • Pre-school and other programs for children birth – 3 years of age.

  • Private funding sources, government supports, financial planning, tax information and services.

  • Agencies that may be helpful for individuals with an ASD or families caring for someone with an ASD.

  • Public, non-profit, or private organizations providing support, service referrals and information on autism.

  • Lawyers or advocacy organizations who offer their services to those with special needs.

  • Experts in autism behaviour such as psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists or other licensed therapists.

  • Licensed speech, occupational, physical, music, sensory and other therapy services.

  • Medical and Healthcare professionals who provide complimentary services.

  • Respite services, support groups, family counseling.

  • MDs, NDs, pediatricians, neurologists, and psychiatrists who specialize in individuals with developmental disabilities.

  • Non-public schools that serve children and youth with autism.

  • Toys, tools, apps, games, books, DVDs, safety and sensory.

  • Centres that perform autism biomedical, clinical or applied research.

  • Agencies that provide residential services or actively assist individuals to find housing.

  • Professional and family training centres.

  • Agencies, organizations or professionals providing job sourcing or coaching services.